23 February 2014


I am almost certain a few people will write and say 'typo' mistake when they spot the title of this post. This has nothing to do with W W J D but then again, He is certain to let me know His thoughts to be sure!

Whilst I must admit to being computer challenged most of the time, this title is therefore not a spelling mistake but rather some reflection of my upbringing by the Ursuline.

In lieu of an explanation, let me quickly say Sister Marie Renee would turn any question or rather problem by asking us: 'What would you do?' - thus making it personal, she never failed to get our attention. 
Her highbrows would shoot up when I came up with yet another 'interesting' notion, but in my defense I am sure the good Sister knew at least I was listening...even if I rarely came up with the answer she hoped (prayed) for!

Back to W W Y D (or What would you do?) I am looking for some direction...

 photo Compass.jpg

Life on an island is most enjoyable when all is quiet and peaceful, the birds are singing, the occasional deer visits and you eat Al Fresco under the shade of cedars whilst listening to the screeching of seagulls and the nearby surf...(the island is about 1 1/2 mile long by 1/2 mile wide!)
Once Summer comes, goodbye tranquility! A guest pass is required but given to a friend of a friend of a friend and we never know whom is visiting. Rules are discarded quicker than you time to say 'hello'!

 photo 007-10.jpg

Our pets are making the most of island life, napping side by side as you can see. 
Mac loves the cabin (all that snow!) but Maira has yet to visit and experience life in the wilderness!

 photo 004-34.jpg

We have lived on the island almost 12 years (rather a long stretch for us!) and have been thinking of a change, this time in a different climate.
It is amazing to note how very different one side of a state is different from the other and since we happened to own not one, but two residences, we have a choice.
There are some differences however which would help making such a choice so if interested in helping me to decide, read on.

The island house is three times the size of the mountain cabin (1040 sq ft versus 320 sq ft), the first has a community well, the second is ours only. With a depth of 306 ft. it is solar powered  (as is the cabin, no electricity).
The island house is situated on 1/3 acre versus 20 acres of prime forest land for the cabin (next to a national park).
The island house is only accessible by a private ferry running on a schedule which prohibits any outing after 1850 hours. Miss that ferry and...well, you get the picture!

Any emergency involves approximately a 45 minutes round trip for the crew, providing the Fire Dept. is available to respond. Mountain response is the same.

With no amenities on the island, shopping means ferry rides both ways (short but expensive), a lengthy ride across a peninsula to reach the motorway etc...It means going off island twice a month with an occasional run to the mainland to pick up the post (no postal deliveries).
Shopping amounts to hauling food in bulk (forget about ice cream due to the many shuttles).

Another obstacle...the ever increasing cost of HOA (Home Owners Association) dues...Thirteen times for the island the amount we pay for the mountain's with only one difference, the running of the ferry for the island (ferry tickets are additional!) and going up yet again this year. Special assessments are a regular occurrence as well.

The cabin is situated on a mountainside, 3.5 miles off the road and approximately 21.5 miles from the nearest 'general store' (think West here Folks!). Other amenities can be found another 6.5 miles down the motorway and whilst limited, not an obstacle. There is even a farmer market on Saturday.

Whilst the temperature on the island is relatively mild, the cabin sees snow 7 months out of the year, accessibility drastically reduced in Winter (possibility of being snowbound a couple of months).
Our garden is a concern since growing period is rather limited but containers is a possibility.

There are more neighbours on the island of course (approximately 40+ families living full time) versus a handful of weekenders on the mountain and a few ranchers here and there.

Our four legged neighbours (see photo above) would be exchanged for others (see photo below) including elks and a few I prefer not to encounter on a regular basis (grizzlies, black bears, mountain lions etc...) 
You didn't think I stood taking photos did you? Check again though, I might surprise you in the future!
I would still have songbirds and even hummingbirds!

 photo 004-32.jpg

One chain of mountains could be exchanged for another (yes, we like their proximity)

 photo 001-13.jpg

Island view

 photo 002-2.jpg

Mountain view.

Of course the terrain would be more rugged...A four wheel vehicle is a blessing!
And a very well stocked fishing lake is only 1/4 mile away (as the crows flies)!

 photo 009-1.jpg

Pastimes would remain the same with Internet access provided via satellite. Let's not forget a daily Scrabble game! 

 photo Oldbookandglasses.jpg

Bookshelves would need to be planned for our rather extensive library!

 photo 008-11.jpg

Knitting is always easier over there for some reason!
Alright, you get the idea! With no electricity, cooking and heating is done with wood and I am surprised at the ease I switched to cooking on a cast iron stove!

So what do you think or more accurately, W W Y D???

 photo shabby1.jpg


  1. It is difficult to give good advice not having been to either place. However, in my view, the main things I would consider are:

    Contacts: How many people (friends, real friends) do I have at either place. Not just for company but also in emergencies. What would I do when things go wrong and I need urgent help?

    Costs: Life gets expensive all the time. But which location will make more excessive demands on my budget as time goes by? Transport, heating, food, house maintainance etc ...

    Priorities: What are my main priorities in life? Space, (size of house), views, (mountain versus seaside), costs, friends, amenities, transport, etc ... And then I'd mathematically place numerical factors on each priority and prepare a "balance sheet" for each location.

    Is there a third location to consider?

    Of course, it depends on personal circumstances whether there are other factors to be taken into consideration - e.g. growing family, education, employment prospects, amenities such as hospitals, libraries, supermarkets etc ... But these are personal issues depending on one's circumstances.

    Sorry can't help further. Praying for you all. God bless.

    1. I was afraid no one would take me up on this Victor so thank you and God bless!
      I'll begin by saying the third location was considered 3 times: UK!! A promise made to a bride long ago, but with children, pets, the economy and finally a much appreciation for this new land, it came to naught.
      I will be posting more about this in the future so stay tuned!
      Friends and family not a consideration, everyone is back home!
      Everything else falls in the category 'same'.
      Prayers are very much welcomed Victor and God bless,

    2. I will check up on up-dates here from time to time. I pray that you reach the right decisions for you all; and that you are happy in life.

      My E Book about Auntie Gertrude is now available FREE from my Blog.

      God bless.

    3. Life has never been dull here so be sure to do that, I'd hate to loose touch!
      Thanks for the tip, I'll let readers know!
      God bless,

  2. I would paint, sew and knit and I love food cooked on a wood stove, my mother in law lived out of town in the country and always used one and of course there was always wood to chop and the garden, if I had lots of land there would be a great garden.

    1. Merle, it is a very different life to be sure but the peace and quiet it would present is what we are after. Our longest stay there was 3 months and we loved it!
      Thanks for your input Dear, it means a lot!

  3. I think I would winter on the island and summer in the mountains.

    1. A real possibility until the economy will prevent it!
      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. I am so glad you have a choice. I also move between houses but I am not quite happy with the arrangement. I have to right now so there is no choice. I would prefer however to stay put in one place.

    1. If you read the other comments Mystica you'll notice it is not my first choice but both ex-RAF flyboy and I feel whatever decision we make will definitively be the last move! Packing and unpacking is not as fun as it used to be!
      I realize how much you miss the children! Thinking of you and praying for peace!
      God bless,

  5. Bonjour, Noelle !

    Quelle surprise que ton commentaire sur mon blog !
    Es-tu francaise ? (ton francais n'est pas de Google !)

    Tu habites dans une ile de l'Ouest des USA avec un Corgi ???!!! (remarque, moi, j'habite bien la province du Japon avec aussi un Corgi ! lol)

    MERCI du conseil, la je me leve tout juste, mais je vais voir le col dont tu me donnes le lien.

    A bientot j'espere !

    Bises de Flo et lechouilles de Nana.

    1. Salut Flo et non, je ne suis pas Francaise mais de Bruxelles!
      Et bien oui, nous habitons sur une toute petite isle de la cote ouest des USA et toujours, toujours avec un Corgi (le 6ieme dans la famille!)
      Un gros bisou a Nana et prend soin de toi!
      N.B. Tes photos sont sensas!

    2. AAaaaah, la Belgique, encore un endroit cher a mon coeur...si tu cliques sur le tag "Belgique", tu verras que ton pays est pas mal sur mon blog !
      Je suis tres contente de te connaitre !!!

    3. C'est vrai? Cela fait toujours plaisir d'entendre sais-tu! Le petit pays de cocagne...Il va falloir que je prends un petit moment pour regarder cela, merci beaucoup et de gros bisous a Nana!


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