03 August 2014

And In The Fields They Fought - Part 2

Lights out


For those in the UK...

LIGHTS OUT is an invitation to everyone in the UK to participate in a shared moment of reflection by turning off their lights from 10 pm to 11 pm on 4 August 2014, leaving on a single light or candle, to mark the 100th anniversary of when Great Britain entered the First World War.

As mentioned in Part 1, Private John Parr, the son of a milkman, became the first British casualty of the First World War. He died near Mons, Belgium. 

Four years later on 11 November 1018 Private George Edwin Ellison, a coal miner from Leeds became the last British casualty in almost exactly the same place!

To honour these two young men and the millions who fell in those Flanders fields, poppies will be planted at the Bascule monument of Mons during the week of 23 August 2014.

You can read more about this event and the soldiers who gave their lives during the War that would end all Wars by visiting EVERY MAN REMEMBERED (HERE)

The First World War was the first to be fought in the trenches and the last to which young men of many nations went off to fight with an almost romantic attitude. After this, there were no more 'Gentlemen soldiers.'

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