08 November 2010

Counting the days till Christmas, sweets and gifts shopping

As I penned my first book review about Christmas I realized how fast the weeks are flying by and we will soon celebrate this Blessed event!

I must admit it is a time where like a small child I anticipate all the magic of the Season!
Shopping, baking, cooking, wrapping presents and setting up the Christmas tree along with the Creche... I love it all!

So this is the time of the year I choose carefully my recipes for that wonderful anticipated dinner albeit it would not feel like Christmas without such as our Yule log or our Sugar Mice and Marzipan Fruits...

Shopping however comes under the headings "Must Have" or "Trinkets". And this year I felt it was such a time for a "Must Have" and look for serious sitting or barstools for our daughter! Never mind the "Trinkets".

When offered the opportunity once more to blog about CSN Stores I immediately thought of how nice it would be to check what is available on their site.
I think you will agree my choice would look elegant, comfortable and timeless in any home.

This particular barstool would fit perfectly in her home, comes in 59 fabrics and 18 different finishes. Best of all, the add said Free Shipping!

Santa is coming to town...and I'm dreaming...

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