21 November 2010

Snowflakes coming down and 34 days to Christmas

It's official...we have snow on the island! And yes, it is worth mentioning since we seldom have snow here! In fact, it is so rare, photos are taken and published on the HOA website when it does snow!

I love snow, just enough for a white Christmas, something deep enough for the Corgi to go crazy - MacIntosh loves snow like all Corgis! - and maybe just enough for a few snowballs and perhaps a snowman! Unfortunately the type of snow required for such - or even for a nice sleigh ride - is unheard of in these parts!
Then again I do not own a sleigh...How sad!

The snowflakes keep falling...I love to see those sticking to the windows! I once learned long, long ago that a snowflake is in fact two snow crystals which develop when tiny cloud droplets freeze. Well it is cold enough for that! Snowflakes comes in many sizes and shapes and are nearly unique in shape!

Some lucky child might even make snow angels somewhere....MacIntosh wish he could help!

I remember as a little girl taking the tram or trolley bus to go downtown and shop for the Holidays. On snowy days, it was cold but we loved the festive atmosphere. Our Granny made sure we were well bundled up! Ah to be a child again...

34 days left to Christmas and counting...
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

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