05 January 2011

Books for Reviews, Books for Pleasure and Such

I must admit that there are many things I enjoy doing in my life and some I do not (washing windows would be one)!
Surprise again!

I love to read and obviously this would top my list of preferred things. Next it would be baking followed closely by knitting! However I will also admit the latter two requires skills thus it is a challenge at times to produce just what I envisioned! Amen!

So reading is it! Our Granny used to love to read and whilst raising us must have carried tons of books from the library to our home!

There are many books on our shelves, some so well read they are literally falling apart. The Classics are shelved almost by themselves as we both like them. Others I keep because of their references and I find these to be the majority of our selection. It is one thing to search online but being able to have the written reference is to us still the most satisfying! Keeping in mind we often loose power here might explain that too!
Then there is the paperbacks, a lot of them of course! Easy to carry when we travel to the cabin for one thing, cheaper of course and readily available both online and at our favourite book shoppe!

As to the genres, I like a variety of things but do not care for Politics, Autobiographies and such.
I have a penchant for Historical novels, especially when based on true facts and when I find a good Author, I will keep on searching for their books until I have a good selection of their work. There is nothing more satisfying than reaching out for a good book!
In general, I keep to Christian stories and I have a penchant for anything describing the English countryside!
The other half of the family's tastes leans to Naval History, Christian literature, Science Fiction and his favourite, Westerns! Yes, Louis L'Amour is a staple here!
Someone actually wrote an article of how to "display" your books. I must admit I read it and decided this was just not the thing for us. Ours are neither shelved by their size or colour despite the suggestion of "correct" shelving procedures. Maybe we just have a lot of books!

We do try to keep all the Classics in one area, the Novels in another, the Christian literature in their section and the Naval history and Westerns in their own places whilst our reference collection takes up the remaining shelves! And trust me, there are many shelves!

Then there is also a "gem" or two...rare books, circa 1800's written in columns...

We love books!

Upcoming for review, we have lots of books to present so keep tuned...I promise a few you will love to read and much more!

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