23 January 2011

A Touch of Whimsy, Etsy shoppes, and the Swallow's Tale

This year in my Christmas stocking was a 3 month subscription to Victoria magazine.
Like many with a penchant for the romantic there is a touch of whimsy in my approach to most things. I like to check out all the intricate details in such periodical and just dream...
I can only described it as a comfortable feeling sitting down with a cuppa and enjoy looking at all the pretties as my daughter would say.

And it follows that with the help of the internet (when Lazarus, my computer does not fail me) I can check out the different shoppes advertised. Window shopping! Anyone who knows the expression "I would like to have one of everything" knows what I mean!

Etsy shoppes were something of the unknown to me until recently. In fact I had never registered so I could not buy anything but when I discovered the Swallow's Tale, I leaped!

Armed with a Paypal account -yes, I really have one of those, albeit used seldom and dusted off just for the occasion - (does anyone else hear my husband's groans?), I browsed and looked and admired and finally made my first purchase!

This shoppe opened just last April. The Swallow's Tale offers what can only be described as an exquisite array of Necklaces and Pendants, Earrings and Bracelets. You will not be able to resist shopping for a little something for yourself or a loved ones albeit I guarantee you will have a hard time to choose!
I must admit I was partial to references of many books I treasure myself!

Skilfully handcrafted of brass, patinated brass, silver plate or sterling silver made in the USA unless stated otherwise by the owner, these items have neither lead or nickel.

And when my purchase arrived as you can see it was tastefully packaged as promised and I was truly happy in my choice!

I am always glad to pass along anything I discover and this is a lovely find!
A member of Shabby Lanes Shops, The Swallow's Tale has many features including Tuesday's Treasures and Deal of the Day along with a wonderful blog.

A perfect place to shop for St Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or even a Graduation present or just any special occasion!
Be sure to sign for the newsletter!

Just a reminder: I was not asked to review this shoppe but simply wished to pass along my opinion!

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