22 January 2011

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Baby Bats - Australian Flooding

One of the very first things we do right after breakfast in our household is checking the News on the Net (that is when we HAVE the Net - not an easy thing on an island!)
No tele here, just a radio on which we prefer to limit ourselves to 2 channels, NPR and the classical's.
We do have a nice selection of CD's however and we often listen to Jazz or Classical music. Ours are a very eclectic taste in music. I am happy with Toots Thielemans and Miles Davis whilst my husband favours amongst others Rosemary Clooney and Tony Bennett for Jazz hour.

Classics we enjoy however are much too long to list but we agree that anything involving the piano is on top! Perhaps it is because we were raised with music around us. His father loved to play the piano with his Mum singing along, O Danny Boy being her favourite along with the Tennessee Waltz.

Growing up at a time when Occupied Forces were in Germany meant my first recollection of music was in fact German music along with Allied Forces Broadcasting and the many records my father collected, mostly Classics and of course Jazz. I also remember he played the Clarinet whilst his sisters played the piano and the violin.

Daily news are often disturbing because we have connections with so many parts of the World and all we can do is taking a wait and see attitude along with sending our thoughts and prayers their way of course! It is always reassuring to find a letter in the post or to get an email from one or the other.

Blogging has become another way to keep in touch of course and there is an amazing amount of information shared amongst bloggers to be sure! The best part about it is that you meet so many people!
I never thought I would become such a fan of blogging but here I am, second year in the row and liking it!

I have recently added a few items to my blog for all of us Pet Lovers!
MacIntosh the Corgi and Maira the Cat will tell you it is very important to us.

Due to the flooding in Queensland for i.e., so much of the Wildlife have lost their lives so I thought I would do my bit by asking you to check out today Paw Nation!
You will find some incredible stories such as the Fox who fought back! Good for him!

Red Fox - Northwestern Belarus

And as always remember that unless I state otherwise, I was not asked to review these sites and therefore the opinions expressed are solely my own!

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