25 January 2011

Books to Read, Reviews, Contests and much more

Books have always held a special touch in my heart. As a little girl, I just loved to accompany our Granny to the local library and check out "my" books. You were allowed to take home up to 5 books at a discount cost for older ones and 2 of the latest selection at a slightly higher rate.
An avid reader, Granny encouraged us despite the additional cost and to this day I love her for it!

Books allow anyone to escape reality if only for a little while of course and as a Dreamer, I can attest it has always been a refuge from the humdrum of everyday life!
There is so much to discover betwixt those pages and it brings such a comfortable feeling unequal to anything else in the world!
I have always had a hard time to understand anyone who says they do not care to read...Quite different from not having the time to read...

On my list for this upcoming month will be many titles I have wanted to check out of course and a few posts about different Authors.
In addition there will be Reviews of soon to be published Books as well as just released titles and for the first time, Contests!
I felt it was time to give it a try since we are in the second year of our Blog after all and everyone likes the feeling winning something gives!

So come back often and check out what is happening in our little world of Books!

I will always share with you what I discover in the piles of wonderful books I continue to read!
(Note: I am definitively not ready for Kindle!)

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