15 January 2011

Cabin fever, a bit of Dreaming of course and a touch of Spring

The simple definition of cabin fever is a sense of boredom, feeling restless or irritable resulting from a lack of environmental stimulation i.e. when staying in a remote and sparsely populated area or being confined indoors.
By that definition I am NOT feeling cabin fever albeit I am living in a sparsely populated are and I definitively confined indoors. Guess what? It is RAINING again! And bored I am not!

I should however count my blessings that we live on one of the highest points of our little island and not in a flood plain as so many others. So far the news have brought some very sad stories of Queensland and even areas of our Pacific Northwest Coast being inundated. Mud slides follows closely and Spring is not yet here.

Everyone knows that with the beginning of the year, mailboxes soon overflow with seeds catalogs and every gardener starts dreaming! In our case I should phrase this as scheming!

Our island is deer friendly and they swim across the inlet back and forth when not in residence. I love to feed them and always laugh at their antics that is until I discover yet another flower or plant munched to the root.
Fences are the best defense of course and I marvel at my husband's patience in trying to defy adversity (in this case, the deer). Betwixt bamboo fencing, poles and deer proof netting (let's hear a laugh) we seem to be holding our own for the most part. We read all the books on the subject, we heard all the advices - including planting enough for both the deer and us -and yet we still sigh when we see all the pretty colour catalogs!

This year we would like to add a rose bush or two...Our Lincoln rose is doing very well...But I would love to add a nice coral tea rose to our garden...
It appears both the deer and us share the same taste! But Oh the dreams...

Valentine's Day is coming next month so my romantic soul took me to some wonderful sites I just had to share with all of you.

The first one is called Vintage Soul Linens. Their selections of custom designed linens, one of a kind purses, beautiful antiques and vintage tags for either a Country or Vintage room, Nursery or Guest room, even a Seaside retreat is breathtaking!

The other one is Mary Lake-Thompson site. She has a wonderful store on line!
Towels, aprons, totes, drawer liners, soaps, ceramics, hats and so much more! You will be amazed at her selection of gifts sets!

Perfect for anyone's romantic soul and to give to that special person in your life!

MacIntosh says - Check out her recipe towel for Healthy Homemade dog treats! Woof!

Be sure to sign up for her mailing list!

You will discover many ways to bring a little touch of sunshine - despite the rain or snow - to your home so enjoy browsing!

Please note I share my opinion only and I was not asked to write a review on these sites nor was I remunerated in any way!

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