10 May 2011

Buttercup, The New Rose?

Being always a dreamer (and feeling perhaps a tad homesick) I am always hungry for news of overseas. Sometime I will check out a lovely story about life in a small village (Brown Dog's Somerford), poise over the ramblings of a wonderful assortment of furry friends (Slow Lane Life) or I might just feel in need of a stroll through the city (Mrs. Miniver's daughter) and I am always amazed how refreshed I feel thereafter!

This time I must say Mrs. Miniver's daughter brought such a chuckle I must share it this side of the pond! I will start by telling you a few things about buttercups as in the flower of course. 
Most of us  remembers gathering a bouquet of buttercups in the country lanes for our mother I am quite sure! 
Blooming mostly around April and May usually, this little yellow flower is in fact part of the Ranunculus variety, has usually 5 little petals and is mostly remembered for its lustruous yellow colour.
As a little girl I was told the yellow colour of the butter was always more pronounced if the dairy cattle ate buttercups so I was surprised to read that in fact all Ranunculus are poisonous when eaten fresh by cattle, horses and other livestock. It seems the poison causes blistering of the mouth in addition to have an acrid taste thus it is usually left uneaten. 
Hm, perhaps that's why I remember all fields of it...

For those folks interested in folk tales, legend has it that in the Pacific Northwest Interior, this tiny flower is called "Coyote 's eyes". It is said in the Nez Perce tribe that the Coyote was tossing his eyes up in the air and the Eagle snatched them. Unable to see, Coyote made eyes from the buttercup.
I like neither coyotes or eagles as both enjoy killing! We have none of the first but the second certainly causes us countless griefs as it destroys our island songbirds!

Back to my buttercup story for this was truly too funny! It appears the world is going crazy all over! Imagine Buttercups being sold at the street corner flowerstall! One pound fifty for a bunch of buttercups and in Soho no less? According to the vendor, these "bouquets" sells very well!

I am not sure if we should applaud clever salemenship here or snicker at the ludicruous idea someone would actually PAY for such! 
Buttercup, the new Rose?
The economy being what it is of course, maybe there is a lesson here...
God is good, God is great!

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