02 May 2011

While We're Far Apart, Book Review

Lynn Austin is a wonderful writer who blends actual historical events in Christian fiction for which she has rightfully won many Christy Awards
It has been a pleasure to read Hidden Places, Until We Reach Home, A Woman's Place and, set in the Civil War era, Candle in the Darkness, Fire by Night and A Light to my Path
Each of Ms. Austin's novels offers such a depth you cannot but immerse yourself in the characters and the many challenges they encounter. Their hopes and dreams becomes yours!
In While we're far apart, you will discover once more her aptitude for storytelling, set against the background of WWII and the homefront in Brooklyn and following closely the war progress.

Penny is a young naive New Yorker who has always been in love with Eddie, her next door neighbour's son and now a widower. She offers to take care of his children when he enlists in the Army in the hope he will finally notice her.
Raised by over protective elderly parents, Penny has no idea what caring for the children involves and meets with resentment from the oldest and silence from the youngest. A Christian, Penny finds herself also living in the Jewish Brooklyn neighbourhood and discover through Mr. Mendel, the kind Jewish landlord, a whole new world. 
Mr. Mendel lost his wife through tragic circumstances and has no news of his son and his family living in Hungary. His faith is challenged in many ways yet the hope of one day being reunited with his loved ones carries him on. 

In this book, Lynn Austin paints a vivid portrait of Jewish faith during WWII, both on the homefront and in the war zone. Her detailed description of Brooklyn in the 1940's, the rationing, the endless wait for news from overseas along with the historical facts she interweaves into the plot are spellbinding.

You will find yourself drawn to this wonderful story, and following its intended path, will experience once again a richness in its ultimate culmination that can only be attributed to faith!

This is one Christian novel I highly recommend and I give it a 5 stars!

Please note I reviewed this book and share my own opinion whilst recieving no compensation of any kind.

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