03 May 2011

Peace and a Wonderful Musician

Since the last ferry from the mainland is scheduled for 7pm it is somewhat difficult to enjoy a "night out". Not impossible of course but never the less, life is very quiet for us islanders! Happily we have a good stereo system, a DVD player, games and of course lots of books to entertain us (particularly when we loose the power!).

Last night as we listened to the news, we thought and prayed that never again shall anyone know the threats of terrorism. The 11th of Septembre 2001 will never be forgotten!
Perhaps because our flight to attend a concert was cancelled and rescheduled a month later due to 9/11, I felt compelled to reach out last night for something else than a movie and I remembered the loan of a Concert for Peace given by a young Jordinian composer. The Lord works in mysterious ways...

We decided that listening to the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra would be very enjoyable for the evening and thus we sat down and discovered an incredible musician!
25 years old  Zade is nothing short of amazing and a veritable pleasure to listen to! With his winning smile and gentle outlook on life, his One Night in Jordan Concert for Peace will reach out to you! A flawless performance, original music and with sensational musicians from around the world! Amongst them Pedro Eustache from Venezuela, Ramon Stagnaro originally from Peru and Gary Innes from the Highlands!
Dedicated to the memory of His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan, this is truly music to be enjoyed by everyone! Each track is a treasure!
Sent from the heart of such an ancient land, this message of peace will also introduce you to Jordan and will remind you this Middle East culture promotes values such as compassion and tolerance.

"Peace resides ultimately not in the hands of the governments, but in the hands of the people. For Unless peace can be made real to men, women and children, the best efforts of negotiators will come to naught."

His Majesty the late King Hussein of Jordan (1935-1999)

Together we can make a difference!

May Peace be with you always! 

A quick reminder of course this post reflects my opinion only and no remuneration was involved.

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