11 May 2011

Life, Dreams And Keeping Things In Perspective

(Sky News  - 11 May 2011)

Life such as it is! Anyone who has not heard of the budding politician, please meet Chris Whitehead who challenged school rules and requested the right to wear shorts instead of trousers in hot weather!
Both my husband and I grew up with school uniforms and we are still chuckling! Cheers for the lad!
We are afterall speaking daily of Global warming (or climate changes for some) so really Folks, I have no qualms about such an harmless request!

Just as I like to visit blogs which remind me of long walks along footpaths, leisurely afternoons teas in town and market days, I enjoy refreshing myself both physically and spiritually with blogs this side of the pond!

There is something so calm about Domestic Serenity and The Legacy of Home which invites an open heart, much love and peaceful days!
Somewhere along the last decades we have forgotten the simple pleasures our Mothers and Grandmothers found in keeping a home and caring for their family.

 Much can be attributed to the economy but there should still be time for simple things such as a sitdown meal with our loved ones, listening and sharing what the day brought to the ones we care for! 
Sunday drives might not be possible anymore (not with the cost of petrol!) but an afternoon walk whilst rediscovering our surroundings would be nice!

A board game involving the whole family instead of an electronic game, reading a good novel instead of watching the tele, a picnic instead of an outing to a (often dire) restaurant. 

Keeping things in perspective, I realize time is very precious these days and many of us cannot hang the laundry on the line, cook a 3 or 4 course meal or sew the whole family's clothing.
But we can still enjoy baking a loaf of bread or a favourite cake from scratch, plan a meal for our family and treasure bedtime reading with our children! 
Knitting (or crocheting) is so relaxing and easy to carry in a bag whilst commuting to a job, reading is such a wonderful way to excape if only for a few short moments and you really should experience the relief kneading a loaf of bread brings if only from time to time!
However we define life for ourselves, we can still choose to do all of these things without feeling we are tied to a stove! 
You might be amazed at all the rewards!

And for just one moment think of the therapeutical effect of hugs shared with everyone you care for and never forget to do it all in His name

Who knew?...
Life, Dreams and keeping things in persective...

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