08 May 2011

A Special Day for All Mums of the World!

Some of us celebrated Mothering Day 3 April 2011 and some will observe it today, 8 May! (and some of us celebrate both days!)

Did you know in ancient Egypt annuals festivals honoured Isis, the Mother of the Pharoahs and in ancient Greece, Rhea was worshipped as the Mother of the Gods?
In Rome, Cyblele was known as the Great Mother so perhaps we can trace Mothering Day to these origins. 

It is alo known that in the 1600's a clerical decree in England focused on a "down to earth" Mother's Day with the ensuing result families started to make Mum the guest of honour at a family feast. 
And in the US, President Wilson signed in 1914 Mother's Day into national observance.
We celebrate Mothering Day at different time of the year perhaps but we always remember her with flowers and candies everywhere!

To all Mums of the world, may you have a blessed day!
(Mother and child by Jungman)

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  1. What a beautifully designed blog! I love the stack of old books at the side. Like the idea of being an honoured guest at a family feast – as the only vegetarian in the house, with my family it tends to be more of a case of fending for myself.

    Thank you for your comment on my page – you must tell me about the eagles!


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