05 July 2012

Have you heard?...Madelief Has a Giveaway!

From our house (just dreaming a little of course...) to yours...

Notice the vibrant colours! Lavender has always been a favourite of mine (both the flower and the colour) along with periwinkle, azure....

As I browse through Blogland in the morning I like to stop by...Madelief's world!
Madelief blogs about  Gardening, Photography, Inspiration, Vintage & going places.
For those of you who have yet to visit, take a moment and enjoy her lovely blog!
Her beautiful photos always bring a little piece of Home for me (along with the feeling of reaching a little corner of Heaven) and I admit to being partial to her choice of colours! No need to browse any periodical when I can be inspired this way!

And yes, Madelief has a GIVEAWAY underway and you just might like to check it out!
Here is a link to her website for those of you who would like to participate:


Open to all until the 20th of July 2012 ( winner to be determine on the 21st of July) so best wishes to all who participate!

Note to readers: This post only reflects a link to another blog/giveaway thought to be of interest to readers!


I love to share dreams and always enjoy meeting kindred spirits!
Thank you for stopping by!