22 July 2012

If Children or Bloggers Ran This World

If Children or Bloggers ran this World...

 Perhaps Norway would not mourn 77 Dead and 242 injured...(see here)

 The US would not fear going to a Cinema resulting in 12 death and 71 injured (see here)...

If Children and Bloggers ran this world...

We could just rejoice at the (first ever ) British cyclist winning the Tour de France!!! 
(Sorry France!)

and enjoy the Olympics for the splendid sportsmanship exuded by athletes from so many countries around the world...



As bloggers we follow others across the world in a spirit of friendship sharing our inner thoughts, good times, sad ones, art and craft, tips and prayers...TOGETHER we circle the globe in a peaceful manner...

Around the World in less than a few minutes...

AUSTRALIA (Cattle, Kids & Chaos)

HOLLAND (Madelief)

SRI LANKA (Mystica)

UNITED KINGDOM (Slow lane life), (Mademoiselle Poirot), (Mrs. Miniver's daughter), (MarmaladeRose), (Gillyflower) to name just a few I love to follow...

USA (By the sea), (Under His Wings),(Little Birdie Blessings), and so many others...

RUSSIA (Natalia)

If only Children and Bloggers ran this World...Peace might be ours...


  1. Beautiful. The heart of a child is the key. It is the very reason I made it our blog's opening slogan..."Inspiring a childlike heart." I think so many of my blogging friends do.
    Thank you for sharing this today. Warmed my heart.
    Much love,

  2. Merci de votre visite et de votre sweet cmmenter!!:O)
    Have a nice day!
    xxx Maria xxx

  3. Thank you, Noelle for so kind post. You right if only world could be kinder. Thank you for linking me too, sweet friend :o)
    Happy weekend to you
    Lot of love from Russia


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