17 July 2012

Wildflowers And A Bit Of God's Earth

Summer has eluded us so far but the wildflowers abounds...

These wild lupine grow everywhere and (of course!) the deer never bothers it!

Each bloom looks so delicate and striking against the green canopy!

Their colours inspired me when I planted the sweet peas obviously!

One small packet has yielded so far plenty of these lovely blooms, my first attempt!

Heavenly scented!

 God's marvelous palette...Who can live without flowers?!

Tea shall be served in the garden (despite the dull, dreary grey weather...)

Cake anyone? (mint flavoured for a light taste of Summer just in case you are wondering)

"Every now and then, when the world sits just right, a gentle breath of heaven fills my soul with delight..."

(H. Elliott)


  1. Noelle - LOVELY! I have been noticing these lupines this year for the first time and may try to plant some in my front garden next year. Love the vibrant color and size!

  2. Mmmmm...this cake looks yummy :o) Love your Sweetpeas and Foxgloves as well! And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for following me too :o)
    Happy day to you


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