10 July 2012

Though The Bud Be Bruised (There Will Be A Flower)by Jo Wanmer, Bool review

Publisher: Even Before Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1922074072


Can one little note, read at midnight, really trigger a chain of events that could shake the very foundation of Zara Heymer's life? Can she even grasp the horror of what has happened within her family? 
The shock of discovering that evil, cleverly disguised, has penetrated her home and her church has left Zara reeling. Feeling a total failure, she looks for a way to resign as a mother; a way to stop this nightmare. But her daughter, Issy, desperately needs a good mother as she attempts to face life. 

Can Zara put aside her grief, her own need for acceptance, her narrow thinking, and deeply ingrained religiosity in time to help Issy? Will Issy even survive? 
How could God allow this to happen? Is God even there? Is her faith relevant or is it just a false crutch she has lent upon all these years? Is there any possible way that God can use this nightmare for good?

My thoughts:

I read the book and put it aside for a few days as I needed very much to think and yes, to pray about what I could possibly say in this review and give it justice.

A mother of two grown children, a wife of 37 years, with friends worldwide, a full time homemaker, I choose to describe myself as first and foremost as a Christian. 
I would also have to say next that my social life is limited since I live on a tiny island accessible only a ferry. 

Ex-RAF hubby was a scoutmaster and a youth counselor for decades before we made the move to retire here. We attended church for years but as we belong to two different denominations we have encountered wariness and never truly belonged and after a time, we stopped going. 
I miss the silence of an empty church not the fellowship I must admit.

I needed to establish this as a reviewer as I am after all offering my opinion.

I felt such an empathy for the author I wanted to just reach out and give her a hug. No one, I repeat no one should have to go through what she and her family experienced. Trust is the basis for everything in life and once trust is broken, it is very hard to regain. 

Based on a true story, this is an honest recalling of the tremendous roller coaster this family underwent in their journey through grief and recovery after discovering evil in their midst. 

Powerful, stark, emotional, but always told with dignity, this story tells us, nay, warns us of the results of sexual abuse. It does not happen elsewhere, it does not happen to others!
Instead of being the taboo subject our society has made it, we have to acknowledge its existence and be prepared to fight back.

Just as we pray to God to prepare us against evil, we can and should be prepared to deal with such horror. Knowledge is half the battle!
This is what it means to be parents! Children do not ask to come in this world, we are there to nurture them and keep them safe. 
It is not an easy task as we all learn at one time or another. Each child should come with a label: Warning! Handle with love and care!
A balance is always hard to find and I am sure most of us feel God would NEVER let this happen to our family...
But sometime, there is a snake in this well devised plan...

'Though the Bud Be Bruised' is not just a story of child abuse, it is a cry for help, a battle to fight back the darkness and the support of the loving but bewildered family whom for many years stood by throughout this ordeal. 'Though the bud be bruised, there will be a flower'.

Australian author Jo Wanmer offers her story told as fiction with deep courage and her trust that God will help her handle this and much more. I cannot but think many women will see something of themselves in her, and feel her anger and despair, her determination to right a wrong. 
This is not an easy story to bring up and I hope it may have brought some measure of relief that others may benefit from their revelation.

Her intimate circle of friends are to be praised for their unwavering support. No one knows what to say but how much can be helped with a hug, a cuppa or just silence whilst we rage...'Sunni' will remain with me for ever!
I had a harder time to understand the unwillingness of the church group to face the reality of the situation.  Yet I was not surprised...Worship God, not the church...A wise warning to many!

Her husband will remain for me the epitome of fatherhood, a knight in shiny armour, who found the courage to question even his faith and fought with all his heart for what he holds dearest: his child! 

Though The Bud Be Bruised (there will be a flower) should be praised! Its message is sure to bring you closer to God than ever before.

Open your  heart, open your mind and feel His love. 

This is a book every parent should read!!

5 Stars as there are no higher rating but worth much, much more!

About the Author:

'Jo Wanmer is an Australian and enjoys living in sub-tropical Brisbane, Queensland. Raised on a cattle property, she loves nature. Although living in the city now, she still explores the wonders of the bush on her daily walks.
The first thing she can ever remember writing was a poem that expressed her sense of loss when her family's property had to be sold soon after her father's death. She was only a teenager. Other journal writings were all birthed in times of stress and confusion. Eventually the desire to write increased as she longed to share her life experiences and the incredible grace of God toward her. It was April 2000 when the idea of writing a novel was birthed.
She really enjoyed writing 'Though the Bud be Bruised' and is working on another novel. Her passion is to bring the love, healing and hope of Jesus to men and women who have walked through life's valleys.'

Visit her website (here) for more information!

I received this book free from BOOKCRASH as part of their blogger review program.
I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 'Guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I was not asked to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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