15 July 2012

Surfing In Blogland On Sunday...

Island life means you only get off when you NEED to as I mentioned before so no ferry trip planned today. 
After waking up to yet another dreary cool day - 14 Celsius (58 F) - and broadcasting news weather predictions for storms, I decided to do some surfing...Blogland surfing of course! 
Just in case we lose the power...

I quickly realized that with guests and the usual baking/cooking/cleaning chores, I had some catching up to do. 

Author Carla Stewart spoke of 'Lazy Hazy Crazy Days' on her blog Carla's Cafe and shared her thoughts on 'crime'...

'According to social networking experts, the worst thing you can do is abandon your blog or blog inconsistently. According to mental health experts, you must take time to step away from your life and re-examine once in a while – take a break, so to speak. Hmmm. 
If you follow my blog, you will see that the last time I posted was on June 25, more than two weeks ago. I have committed a blogging crime, but I’ve also cleared my head and done some long overdue R & R!'

(for more, including some great photos of Carla's Summer see here)  

Be sure to check out her list of books (here) for a good Summer read!

And one look at her (grandchildren) photos and you'll know from their smile, she made the right decision...Crime pays (sometime!)

Such is life! Blogging is a media tool for many to share news of all sorts with others but it can take a portion of  your day perhaps at the detriment of other things. (Unless you live on an island and it becomes a way to remain 'sane').
Phew! I blog when I can (and power is available) and of course when I have something to share. And I limit myself (seriously, never mind ratings but comments always brings a smile).

And then there are the little gems you find such as reading Sarah Sundin's 'Today in WW2 History' notes on her blog (here). 

'70 Years Ago—July 15, 1942: RAF ace Paddy Finucane (32 victories) is killed in action...'

Courtesy of HM the Queen, hubby traveled twice around the world and spend a good  amount of time on a South Pacific island so any news from the RAF is always welcomed! 

Once I read the above notice from Sarah's blog 'Under His Wings' I decided to look into it and see what I could find about the RAF ace!


'Brendan "Paddy" Finucane was born in Dublin in 1920, where he took his first steps as a pilot as a teenager. In 1936, his family emigrated to England where, in 1938, he applied to join the RAF and was accepted. 

His combat career began in the Battle of Britain, in which he was credited with 5 victories. His continued success resulted in his elevation to the rank of Wing Commander (of Hornchurch Wing), 27 June 1942,  an amazing achievement at the age of 21. He continued to lead his three squadrons on daily raids over France and he admitted to family members that he was very tired.

With his wingman, Canadian Al Aikman, Brendan flew on
July 15 , 1942 to strafe and shoot-up targets in France. His aircraft’s underwing radiator was hit by a burst of machine gun fire which caused it to leak coolant and he climbed for height to get home across the Channel.

Ten miles out from the French coast he decided to ditch as the engine was overheating. He made a perfect landing on the sea. It is now thought that his head went forward and the gunsight knocked him unconscious. The aircraft sank instantly taking Brendan with it. His aircraft was never found.'

More information (here).

Sarah Sundin's latest novel 'With Every Letter' is now available for pre-order and will be released in Septembre 2012!

I hope to post a review on this book shortly! Check out Amazon for information and order info (here)!

Have a nice Sunday! 

Note to readers: This post reflects my opinion and this only. It was NOT remunerated in any way!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Noelle! I love your chatty blog and that you're a Sarah Sundin fan, too. I just registered to get your posts by email. Have a wonderful day!


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