26 April 2013

And The Winner Is...


If you enjoyed it, I know I would like it too! I sure love watching good movies! Enjoy your evening, my friend!


 Thank you Diane for entering the giveaway! I just know you will enjoy this one as much as I did! I will contact you shortly to confirm your win!


  1. Hi the weather has been great so I 've been out in the garden more not on the blog so much, I read you last 5 posts, also my son and his wife were visiting and i spent some time at my daughter's place as she had all her wisdom teeth out so she was sore for a bit.
    I like the post on ANZAC day I didn't know so many were killed in the first world war as it was before my time but my dad was in the second ww and would sometimes tell us stories about it but he didn't like talking about it and wouldn't go to the march that is held on Anzac day but would always watch it on TV, they still hold it but not many are left from the world wars now mainly Vietnam vets and returned soldiers from the middle east.
    The book reviews are always good and the first picture on earth day is truly wonderful.

  2. It sounds as if you had a lovely time with your family Merle!
    WW1 cost in lives was staggering and as time goes on, it is obvious we have not learned much from our mistakes.
    As a WW1 Knight of Honour, GrandPa (4 years in trenches, gassed and surviving with one lung only) never missed a parade in his lifetime and we feel bound to recognize the tremendous sacrifices of so many, whomever or wherever they were, in the name of honour and duty. Can you guess we are a military family?! The Aussies however will always be saluted for their unconditional sacrifice on foreign land! Their stand in WW1 and WW2 will never be forgotten, their courage unequal!
    God bless Dear,

  3. Thanks Noelle! I'm so excited to be receiving this movie! You are always so sweet! Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  4. I am always happy to pass along good books and movies!
    Enjoy and thank you for entering!
    God bless,


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