14 April 2013

Not All is Well On The Western Front...

Sometime life can throw you off...Yesterday was such a day...

What  started as a normal daily constitutional revealed a problem later in the day diagnosed as 'Accute Pancreatis' for 'Mac', my shadow...

Scrambling for the first available ferry run and two veterinarians later, we found ourselves leaving him at a hospital for emergency treatment up North. 

Phone calls revealed 'Mac' is responding well to the first treatment but an additional problem was identified and we are now waiting to hear what will happen next. 
He is on his best 'Corgi' behaviour though according to the ER doctor and they love him at the hospital. 
We miss him!

A prayer or two would not go amiss Folks! Thank you!!

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  1. Ohhh...I hope it feels better soon! I know you miss him and need him at home. Sweet hugs to you my friend!


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