04 April 2013

Definitively Spring Weather!

I just know how that poor little bird feels...With April comes showers or so the meteorologist tells us...

Mostly Cloudy with Light RainRain
54°F 12°C
Feels Like 54°F / 12°C
Humidity 94%Barometer 29.71 in./754.6 mm
Dew Point 52°FWind Calm
Visibility 7 mi.   

Since it ALWAYS rains here, no surprise obviously!

Gear 'de rigueur' for this island!

So with dinner over, I feel retreating to the reading room is the only option...

Nearby, Tuesday offerings...
One library loan and one acquisition I simply could not resist: 'Gifts of War' by Mackenzie Ford! I am almost at the end of this intriguing fictional account of WW1 and will share my findings in the next day or so!

With mail call, Wednesday's additions...

And Thursday's ...
(Titles not in any particular order by the way! )

Now for a cuppa and Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in B Flat Major (1st movement for those of you interested!)

Well, you know where you can find me!
Until next time...


  1. You have a reading room how grand I read all over the place, not on the beds to much I end up going to sleep.

  2. The 'reading room' is also the 'flight deck' for ex-RAF hubby (computer flight simulator), office/sitting room where most of his mineral samples are kept and so on...
    I can read anywhere Merle and do! We both read a lot at night in bed as well and discuss our findings! Life is very quiet on this island!

  3. What a beautiful bird! And is that a light in that big seashell? WOW! That's gorgeous! Love your big stack of books. I went to the library yesterday so I have a big stack to read now, too! Enjoy your afternoon!

  4. Yes Diane, it is a light, a gift I treasure!
    Our local library has changed its policies and it appears we will only be able to borrow occasionally due to the time frame (the vagaries of living on an island!). I'll have to break the piggy bank occasionally or suffer major withdrawal!

  5. Aah you love Mozart...me too...so nice of you to come visit..:)

    Blessings T.D

  6. Chopin, Beethoven, Lizst, Schubert, Debussy, Mozart and Haydn for ex-RAF hubby...We love piano music as you can tell! Our tastes are eclectic only to a point with Jazz and
    what our children describes as 'elevator music' the only additions (No Rap music here!).
    All the best,


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