21 September 2013

Dog Owners: BEWARE...Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Dog owners: BEWARE!!

 (Garden Spider)

The Itsy Bitsy Spider crawled up the water spout.
Down came the rain, and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain,
And the Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the spout again.

'The majority of spiders in North America are not poisonous, but bites can still cause localized swelling and pain. However the brown recluse, black widow and hobo spider are poisonous and bites can be very serious. The brown recluse as well as the hobo spider's venom causes localized tissue necrosis (death) leaving a dark ulcer that is slow to heal. Black widow spider bites may cause minimal swelling at the site, but can cause intense pain and even paralysis lasting up to 48 hours.'
(Source HERE

We will never know for sure the type of spider responsible for our beautiful Corgi's sudden misery but we wanted to share with others what happened to Mac!
Yesterday was just a beautiful balmy day heralding the beginning of Autumn or so we thought! 
Whilst laying in the sun after a good game of Frisbee, Mac apparently was bitten by a spider (according to the Vetenerian, there is at least 90% chance it is a spider, nothing else). 

Over the course of a few hours he scratched the left side of his face furiously and upon closer inspection we discovered intense swelling, white pustules and even bleeding and thought he might have injured a tooth...

Now Folks, for us this period of the calendar year is dry dock...no access to the mainland since our ferry is in the shipyard for engines fitting...
A phone call however to a nearby islander yield not one, but two people ready and willing to take us across to the mainland and a car waiting for us so that we could transport our favourite boy to a 24 hours Animal Clinic...
By then, the regular Vet had deemed (over the phone) the symptoms serious enough we needed expert help...

So on  Mac went for his first boat ride (a skiff!) in his crate, followed by a long ride in a Wrangler Jeep (about 1 1/2 hours) to reach hospital care...
Well, you know the doc's diagnosis and after promising I would manage his care around the clock, home bound we were! 

A few hours later and a return boat ride amidst a windy and rainy storm, his crate covered with a beach towel courtesy of the thoughtful neighbour,  Mac came home...

There is little doubt that had we waited longer, the poison would have done serious damage. As it is, Mac's recovery is going to be taking a while...


Note: I decided to show Mac's good side...the other one makes him look like the Joker now that they shaved him...


  1. Oh...Noelle!
    I am so sorry to hear about Mac and the spider. You were so wise to whisk him off by land and sea to the 24 hour clinic!

    I must admit that I had concerns... when you wrote about your landlocked state.

    1. First emergency response on the island and none of us thought it would be a dog!
      All indications hinted at a broken tooth and if the root was damaged the chance of infection was very high...Following his bout with acute pancreatis, his immune system is at a low...we were ready to row all the way if need be!

  2. Oh Noelle, poor Mac. That's awful that he was bitten by a spider. Every time I see a black widow, I run. I'm so glad that you got him there in time to receive the care he needed. Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it, and will be extra cautious of these spiders.


    1. I never thought a spider could be threatening...until now! Last Winter was so mild, we have experienced an increase in insects much like the rest of the world. Some I do not even recognize because of mutation...
      'Be Prepared' is a good moto according to the ex-Scoutmaster in the family...Now we know!

  3. Replies
    1. Done, Sheri and thank you for thinking about us!
      Mac is still a bit doppy (and sleepy and happy...the latter because of all the tablets I imagine! His eyes are not quite focused yet)
      Enjoy the weekend (sunny for the moment here but ready for the next bout of storms!)

  4. thats terrible, poor little Mac, what an adventure just getting help!I hope he continues to wards good health, must have been a terrible fright for you

    1. I'll admit that frustration was uppermost in my mind Laurie, that is until I realized how neighbours pulled through to help us out! We are indeed blessed and will not soon forget their kindness!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the ordeal you and the dog went through. Praise the Lord all is well now and hopefully your pet will recuperate quickly.

    I am praying for all of you.

    God bless.

    1. Mac is on the mend Victor and now that I think about it, I was thrilled to be on the water despite the circumstances! I should explain the inlet is pretty flat most of the times but when there are swells as we experienced yesterday due to the storm, I felt 'at home'! Albeit I missed them, a couple of porpoises were swimming nearby...
      Thanks for the thoughfu

    2. Grr...this laptop can be a trial! I meant Thanks for the thoughful prayers Victor!

  6. Poor Mac, I do hope he is better soon it's so sad when they are ill and they can't tell you what's wrong. Angus sends kind thoughts and hopes he is well soon.

    1. He is still a bit doppy, sleepy but the euphoria is gone...Mac is definitively not so happy this morning...I took him out as usual around 6am and he noticed the weather: rain, at times deluvial)and gale predicted until 8pm to boot... He does not care for the wet stuff Merle unless it is snow (snow angel are his specialty!).
      Tell Angus thank you!

  7. Oh poor boy, I hope he is better by now. What a scare for you all. I hate it when animals are in pain. There is not a lot to do but comfort them. I suppose they feel that we should just leave them alone, they dont fret like we do and probably wish we would just chill..............janice

  8. OH NO!! Poor Mac. Those dang spiders are the worst. Praying for fast healing for your sweet pup. Please let us know any updates on him. I am fighting a sad battle with one of my pups also and it is really hard. :(

  9. His recovery will take a while Kayla but Doc says he is on the mend!
    They become one of the family, don't they?! Keeping you and the sweet pooch in thoughts and prayers!
    Hugs to all,

  10. Oh poor boy, I hope by now he is feeling better, at least not in pain. Thanks for the link

    1. I am sorry to say I will post 'the rest of the story' later on Janice!


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