06 June 2014

6 June, D-Day...

Today we remember the Normandy invasion, the largest amphibious operation in history which took place on 6th June 1944.

(Source HERE, including rare footage of 5th June 1944)

70 years ago...

On the night of 5th June 1944 with D-day imminent, over 1000 R.A.F. aircraft were in action over the channel. It is said down on the beaches, British and Canadians battalions suffered casualties exceeding those of the Somme battles 28 years earlier.

When the battle ended sometime in July 1944 it was time to honour those courageous men who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom...

Ranville Cemetery (near Pegasus Bridge) alone contains 2,235 British and Commonwealth servicemen of the Second World War; 97 of these remain unidentified.

On 8 June 1944 east of St Laurent and directly overlooking Omaha Beach, the Normandy American cemetery was established. Today it holds 9,387 US graves with memorial walls engraved with the names of 1,557 MIA.

The (original but broad) allied casualty figure for D-Day itself is estimated at 10,000 men, including 2,500 killed in action.

Normandy Beach assault (Source HERE)

Take a moment to revisit D-Day (HERE)

Piper Millin, as he piped Commandoes towards Pegasus bridge, 
Sword Beach memorial.
(Source here)

Remember and never forget!
Despite overwhelming air superiority, some British & Canadian infantry battalions suffered casualties exceeding those of the Somme battles in 1916, some 28 years earlier


  1. It is something we should never forget.

    1. I find that WW 2 is still very much a part of life in Europe Merle, not so much in the US perhaps due to occupation?
      What is hard to believe sometime it is that it happened 70 years ago...I pray we have learn something, freedom comes at a high cost!
      Thank you for stopping by Merle, it's nice to see you here.

  2. Freedom sure does come at a high cost... May we never forget. Hope you are doing wonderful.


    1. It is not only the soldiers but their families' sacrifice I thought of...A very high cost indeed Kayla!
      All the best to you and yours Dear,


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