10 June 2014

A Wish For Nature And Peace...

Chaniwa Japanese Garden the Tsukubai

A natural mind is peaceful and a peaceful mind brings clarity.

The Tsukubai is an arrangement of stones that includes the chozubachi (water basin), the flow of water pass through the bamboo pipe located above, falling into the very center of the basin.
The water of the chozubachi is scooped with a shaku (ladle) and used for the purification purposes by the attendants of the tea ceremony.

(Source here)

Breathing deeply and reading...
Until tomorrow,


  1. I'm taking today a little easier, too. Wishing you a beautiful afternoon my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. I love those moments Diane and guard them preciously!
      Keep cool in the hot Florida weather,

  2. I would love one of these in my garden, rocks and moving water so restful.

    1. We have lived on 3 continents Merle and always added a little pond, fountain or birdbath in our gardens...It is as you said, so peaceful...Japanese gardens however are unique in that regard...I marveled at all those little oasis in the middle of cities and loved to discover shrines in the countryside...Bliss!

  3. What wonderful and true words. Thankyou for sharing them, they make me feel peaceful just reading them.
    And then some words I have never heard of! It all looks very restful and peaceful, a rare oasis in such a busy world.
    Gill xx

    1. Someone once told me the Japanese take a little of everything in the world and makes it better...but it is their patience and their priorities I found the most captivating...home, garden, family, work...the old next to the new...everything blends subtly with perfection. Very nice!

  4. Wonderful photo and I am with you ~ Nature and peace ~ does work! ~ xoxox

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


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