09 July 2010

Art, Bears and butterflies

"The Bathers"

If you find yourself checking out the latest galleries for some new and unique object of art, be it a painting, a vase or perhaps a new piece of jewelry you might even ask yourself at times "what is it?"

There is some wonderful talented artists in the world but this does not mean we all see with the same eyes! I am especially drawn to the whimsical and since I can hardly afford to own unique, one of a kind items, I simply browse and enjoy what I see.

Lahaina Galleries are located in Lahaina, Hawai and I am told they have 2 more galleries located in Kohala Coast and Wailea, both in Hawai -not around the corner for me to check them out- one in California and another in Bend, Oregon, a tad closer at least, but since they all featured Robert Bissell's art, I just had to check out their website: http://www.lahainagalleries.com

Somerset born artist Robert Bissell's featured paintings at first glance seem to come straight out of a children’s book. And I love children books!
At closer examination however his paintings reflects upon the environment and using animals that like to stand on two feet, a common ground is established.

Whimsical yet powerful, Bissell’s pieces illustrate a consciousness of the world around us.
"Bissell’s artistic aspiration is that his paintings appeal to the intellectual child in all of us and create a narrative that represents qualities such as compassion, fear, vitality or curiosity."

This one titled "Embrace IT" just won my heart. All those purple butterflies and this whimsical bear...

And this one called "Ursa Minor" just appeals to my dreamy side...

Note: The above statements reflects only my opinion. I was not remunerated in any way but just love the paintings.

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  1. beautiful page! I myself love to paint all sorts of stuff especially bears!
    check out my facebook page!


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