13 July 2010

Lavender fields, lavender sachets and more

Lavender fields are beautiful at this time of the year and I love lavender. It reminds me a lot of my childhood as growing up it seems wherever Granny was, we could smell lavender . To date it remains part of my souvenirs of her and all the years she spent raising us. Bless her!

When I was little of course I did not know how soothing this little blue flower was.
Having learned something of aromatherapy, I now like to tuck lavender sachets everywhere and each year I replaced my supply jar (yes, I buy it by the pound!)

I just found out there is in fact a lavender farm on our Peninsula:

It is the perfect time to visit as lavender blooms everywhere in July. I have never seen the Blue Willow but something tells me I am going to feel just at home there!
The owners advertise even an alternative to dryer sheets: lavender dryer bags which can be used 5 to 7 times. I just know I would like some!

If like me you love linen and accessories, check out the site below. This store offers a variety of items (guaranteed to have you dreaming...) but I just typed lavender sachets in the search box and found enough to satisfy even the most discriminating buyer.
The above set of sachets would be perfect in any bedroom (mine of course...)

Note: I share my opinion but I was not remunerated for any of it! Just dreaming...

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