17 July 2010

Blue Willow Farm, Lavender and more lavender

With its beautiful purple flowers and soothing scent, Lavender plants have given a delightful, cottage-garden look in landscapes since Medieval time thus earning a place in many herb gardeners heart.

Only yesterday I was given the opportunity to tour Blue Willow Farm, more than 2500 lavender plants in fact, set in a beautiful serene setting!

What strikes you first when you meet Bill and Tracy, the owners of Blue Willow Farm along with Binks the cat, is their friendliness. You have immediately a sense of coming home and that is just what they hope for.

Bill will give you a tour of the many fields, explaining the wide variety of plants and their uses. With over 400 known plants and counting around the world, he hopes to add to the large selection he already has successfully grown on the Peninsula.

Tracy has a wonderful shoppe offering many of their products on the premises such as sachets, sleep pillows, dryer bags, eye pillows, pin cushions, teas and cookies, and of course both fresh and dried bouquets.

Classes are also offered and a festival for the 8th and 9th of July 2011 is in the planning.

Their online website offers recipes, products, planting guide and much more.

Have a question? Ask Bill, Tracy or even Binks! One of them is sure to answer as soon as possible.

And if you are lucky enough to be able to visit, grab a picnic basket, leave all your worries behind and go visit them. God's blessings are surely to be felt there!

Note: I was not remunerated for this post but just wanted to share my opinion!

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