02 July 2010

Maira, MacIntosh and summer heat

I truly looked forward to Summer but did we really wanted the heat to come all in once? Being perfectly human I feel I should say I like it better when it is not so hot... Anything below 70 degrees Fahrenheit is just fine with me! Sigh....

Maira is adjusting well and we love having her. She has a perky personality and as long as we do not see a tail hanging out of MacIntosh's mouth, everything should be smooth going from here. No joke, it must be her plume (tail) as our daughter calls it, that just seems to draw him out and into lots of mischief's!

One thing for sure, what matters the most to our Corgi about this new setup: until Maira masters the art of throwing a ball, MacIntosh won't be completely happy.

One Corgi, one kitty, 2 humans... A family!

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