02 September 2011

Answered Prayers!

Since our young friend called us on 5 July to tell us of Madeline's birth we have been praying daily that this beautiful little angel would soon overcome all the trauma she experienced. Madeline's little shoulders did not clear the birth canal and 10 minutes elapsed before she was released. Her little heart stopped beating and the ensuing difficulties created a dramatic ending to nine months of perfectly normal gestation.

Fifty nine days later this little fighter and her loving parents have arrived Home! Many obstacles have yet to be overcome and Madeline will have to see specialists to deal with health issues and take many medications.
All this has created new challenges but her Mum and Dad's faith continues to be strong. God granted them the joy of being finally a family and I know they must be overjoyed!

For readers who have followed Madeline's lenghy hospital stay, we hope you will join us in praying all will continue to go well for this loving and very caring family! 

For anyone interested here is the link to Madeline's blog: 

This is an answer to many prayers!


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  1. Excellent news, Deo Gratias.
    A place in my prayers every night.


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