16 September 2011

The Prodigy Project, Book Review

Book description:

When the seeds of death are sown into the very blueprints of life, no one is safe... Someone is trying to resurrect ancient viruses hidden deep within the human genetic code to create a biological weapon so specific that it can target an individual -- or an entire race. When two young prodigies discover their "medical research" is being used to build this weapon, they seek outside help to destroy it and to flee China. Help comes in the unlikely guise of Jon Gunderson-doctor, bio-weapons expert, and devoted family man whose unsuspecting wife and nine children have unwittingly accompanied him on yet another assignment. Once the truth comes to light, the Gundersons will have to set aside their differences if they hope to rescue the prodigies and escape with their lives. The fate of the world hangs in the balance as the bittersweet dynamics of a large but loving family take center stage against the backdrop of China's breathtaking landscapes. 

My review:

Where shall I begin? This book is full of interesting twists and truly entertaining! The description of the rather large family (think many, many kids here!) travel plans  (no Disney World for them), the well organized sibling responsibilities (Mr. Flanders, I wish I knew you a few years back!) all comes with a real twist in this latest adventure.

Dad is a spy (!), has a lovely wife (she must be a Saint!) and nine wonderful children (I plead for my sanity after two...I love you kids!) and it seems the setup is perfect as a cover whenever a mission calls him in the field. A practicing M.D. with a degree in Biology, this man works for Homeland security.

This time around, the mission calls him to China to rescue two young computer geniuses who have uncovered information regarding a terrible biological weapon. As usual, (Super) Dad takes his family along, this time under the guise of a geographical competition. Can you hear me say: How does he do it?

Throughout this work of fiction (I hope so at any rate!), Doug Flanders uses his medical expertise to describes health issues in an easy format for us to follow. His story unfolds with exciting narratives and amazing scene descriptions guaranteed to make you feel as if you are tagging along just like any other member of the family.
And just as you think you have figured it out, another twist happens in the plot and you are once again off the track!

The product of a devoted family man, this is Doug Flanders first novel and I must say I always enjoy such a good story! Well worth reading, a prelude I hope for more of the kind and I gave it 5 stars for family entertainment!

About Doug Flanders:

With twelve children and three grandsons, author Doug Flanders is well acquainted with non-stop adventure. He draws on 15 years experience as an Army Reservist and 18 years as a practicing physician to craft his medical thrillers. 

Visit their website (here)!

P.S. I hear another book by Doug Flanders called 'Hard Mercy' is soon to be published! Check it out (here)

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