01 September 2011

Septembre already?

Somehow it does not seem possible a new season is soon upon us yet whom am I to complaint?
I love Autumn! Septembre means cooler weather (one week of higher temperatures was enough), apple and rhubarb pies, no island visitors (shh...we love the quiet of the season), and evenings spend reading lots of books with our Corgi and kitty by our feet...Bliss...

It also means we will soon be traveling to Alaska... More on this later!

Note to readers: I wanted to share with all of you 'The Butterfly Effect' by The Priest's Housekeeper and 'These are the Gifts' by A Trail of Flowers. Both are absolutely beautiful!

I know I hear this little guy but I have only seen him once...I call him the messenger...yes, Autumn will soon be here...

Blessings to all,

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  1. Isn't Autumn just the best time! Thank you for your kind comments,
    Ann x


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