15 December 2012

A Highland Christmas by M. C. Beaton, Book review

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0446609197


Celebrate the Holidays with M. C. Beaton, The Queen of The Cozy Mystery!
In the dark, wintry highlands of Lochdubh, Scotland, where the local Calvinist element resists the secular trimmings of Christmas, the spirit of Old St. Nick is about as welcome as a flat tire on a deserted road. Nor is crime taking a holiday, as Constable Hamish Macbeth soon finds himself protecting an unhappy girl, unlocking the secrets of a frightened old woman, and retrieving some stolen holiday goods. 

Now the lanky lawman must use all his Highland charm and detective skills to make things right. And he had better do it quickly, for the church bells will soon toll and all of Lochdubh will be forced to face another dreary winter without the comforting embrace of Yuletide cheer.

My thoughts:

Oh my! The delightful things one finds when perusing the Bookmobile's offerings! M.C. Beaton's 'A Highland Christmas' was displayed in such a fashion I could not resist its title...After all it is the Christmas Season and whom does not love a 'whodunit' especially when set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands?

Chapter one:
'More and more people each year are going abroad for Christmas. To celebrate the season of goodwill towards men, British Airways slams an extra one hundred and four pounds on each air ticket...'
Imagine that?! 

Part of the Hamish Macbeth Mystery series, A Highland Christmas is one of those light and easy on the heart tale set in a small Highland village where due to Calvenist influence, Christmas has no place. No lights, no trees, no gifts for tiny tots for 'Santa Claus and presents are pagan flummery...'

I'll admit to be one of those people who never heard of M. C. Beaton and her lanky Police Constable Hamish Macbeth but after reading this story I am hooked! 
A missing cat and its lonely spinster (and very cantekerous) owner, a little girl whose parents do not celebrate Christmas, a mysterious theft of Christmas lights and a Christmas tree and an entire village who comes together in the true spirit of Christmas.

You will love to discover this story and enjoy the witty comments and intuitive eye of this Highland Police Constable bent on bringing a bit of cheer to his fellowmen!

Grab yourself a copy, brew a cuppa and enjoy by the fire!

5 Stars and a big Thank You to the author for a most enjoyable time!

About the Author:

M.C. BEATON has won international acclaim for her bestselling Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin mysteries. She is also the author of over 100 romance titles and a series of romantic suspense, The Edwardian Mystery Series. M. C. Beaton lives in a Cotswold cottage with her husband.

For more on Ms. Beaton visit her website (HERE).

Note to readers: I always enjoy sharing with others the novels I read. Please remember however that unless stated otherwise, these reviews are not requested by Author/Publisher and reflect only my opinion!

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