31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012...

In Wales and Scotland there is a tradition called 'First Footing'. What might you ask is this first footing?

First-Footing is the visiting of friends and family immediately after midnight and sees many a Scott rushing from house to house to welcome in the New Year. The First-Foot in the house traditionally is a dark, handsome male carrying a piece of coal, whisky, Scottish shortbread and black bun - a rich dark fruitcake encased in pastry. The visitor in return is given a small glass of whisky.

If the first visitor across a Welsh threshold however was either a woman or a red haired man it was considered terribly unlucky for the household.
Another important Welsh tradition in the Victorian Age was to never lend anything on New Year's Day. A person's behaviour on that auspicious day was usually considered to be an indication of the way they would conduct themselves for the rest of the year.

 So as we sing  'Auld Lang Syne', let's remember family and friends afar always close to our heart!

'Goodbye 2012',
From our house to yours,
May all your Holiday wishes come true...


  1. Wow those are some fun traditions I would love to be in a Wales village running from house to house at midnight hehehehe or just to see that :) Happy New Year to you may you be ever so blessed in 2013!! Love Heather

  2. In lieu of explanation, ex-RAF hubby is Welsh!
    Happy New Year to you too!


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