18 December 2012

Snowflakes And Smiles (Dog smiles!)

Yes it is true...We have snow falling on the island...Unusual but there you have it!

And for once, the news were truly comforting...

'Some much-needed smiles were brought to the children of Newtown, Conn., by way of seven dogs especially trained to comfort survivors in the wake of a disaster...
The dogs, mostly golden retrievers, "bring some relief" to children, and put "a smile on their face, kind of like a teddy bear, but a live one.'

 Man's best friend! Such a wonderful idea!

Source (HERE)

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  1. Oh, Noelle, I just love this! How wonderful that they did this. Aren't dogs just wonderful?! I am hoping they are among the first group that I see when I am heaven bound.
    Christmas blessings to you!


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