22 December 2012

Christmas News In The World...

More than any other time in the calendar year sad events hits us the hardest around Christmas!
Blogger Mystica tells her readers of the deadly floodings in Sri Lanka. Twenty seven people have lost their lives so far and more than 300,0000 are displaced. Read more about it (HERE).
We continue to keep them in our prayers!

But there are also good  news Folks!

Check out the lovely lady whose photo is seen here. Her name is Harriet and she is soon to be home!
It is always nice to see what happens with the crew at MorningBray Farm (my favourite has to be Patrick) and this rescue is worth mentioning in the spirit of Christmas!

Discover all about Harriet and her chance to a new life (HERE).

What a Christmas for her! Happy Holidays Sweetie and loooking forward to hear more about 'you'!

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