17 December 2012

Christmas Festivities Around the World

A little about Christmas festivities in Ireland...

Traditionally the whole family used to participate in cleaning the house including whitewashing the outside to symbolize cleansing and purification before the birth of Christ. Greens are still gathered to decorate the house and mistletoe is hanged by the doorway. On Christmas morning children find a gift or two in a sack by their bed as well as at the foot of the tree.

Christmas in Ireland is celebrated with many of the same customs seen in other British Isles including Plum Pudding and Crackers!

Spiced beef and mince pies are part of a good Irish traditional meal for the Holidays!

The day after Christmas is called St Stephen's Day, better known for its most distinct Irish tradition, the Wren hunt or the Wren Boy Procession. Today a fake wren is used instead of hunting a real bird. Once hidden the children are tasked to find it.  

Like everywhere else, families get together, attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, sing carols and share the joy of the Season!

Nollaig Shona Dhuit!

Christmas Around the World...

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