27 January 2013

Forgive But Never Forget...

Some photos need no explanations...

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day...
On this Sunday, with solemn prayers and the now oft-repeated warnings to never let such horrors happen again, we pray...

Forgive but never forget...

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  1. We should never forget what happened and never ever let anything like it happen again. We have friends who are Jewish and are thoughts are with them today. It is a struggle to comprehend something that was so wrong.

  2. There has been many genocides throughout humanity's history, none should be justified and never should their victims be forgotten!
    To comprehend what happened then is indeed a struggle for other generations.
    I find that for many of those who survived the Holocaust it is never fogortten but often forgiven. A lesson to us all?
    Let's pray it never occurs again! May God help us!


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