02 January 2013

So Now That We Are In A New Year...

Bloggers visited other blogs and sent Holiday Greetings along with thank you's for sharing beautiful photos of decorations, scrumptious looking baked goods and wonderful crafts.
I personally went OOOOHHHH and AAAAHHHH when I saw these (hubby regularly asked when gazing on a new sweet if the recipe was included of course!). 

Blogland gives each of us a chance to visit without even leaving our home and so I went from Russia to Norway, England, Scotland and Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany, Down Under, Sri  Lanka, the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA and many places in between...

I have learned much this past year and I hope to do so again in 2013! Thank you everyone for sharing!

Let me take this occasion to show you my favourite photos of this past Holiday Season!

1- Meet Flossie and Millie in Somerset, UK (http://redpenrita.wordpress.com/)

2- Howard in the UK as well...(http://howardscosyhouse.blogspot.com/)

Isn't he beautiful?!
Ready to dog sit anytime Folks!!

Where would we be without our best friends?


  1. Happy New Year. All the best for 2013. Fi x

  2. Thanks for sharing these cute photos and for the links to the blogs - will check them out!
    Best Wishes Noelle!
    Gill xx

  3. Oh Noelle, I've been meaning to say a big hello, but am sorry that time got in my way (in that pesky way that it can.)

    Thank you so much for visiting. I'm glad you like Howard….he is a fantastic little pup.

    Happy New Year!!
    Ali xxx


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