18 January 2013

Waiting For Spring by Amanda Cabot, Book review

Publisher: Revell 
ISBN-13: 978-0800734602


After the loss of her husband and the birth of her baby, Charlotte has had a long, hard year. But when a notorious robber believes she knows the location of a long-lost treasure, she flees to Cheyenne and opens a dressmaker's shop to lie low and make a living. When wealthy cattle baron and political hopeful Barrett Landry enters the shop to visit her best customer, Charlotte feels drawn to him.

If Barrett is to be a senator of the soon-to-be state of Wyoming, he must make a sensible match, and Miriam has all the right connections. Yet he can't shake the feeling that Charlotte holds the key to his heart and his future.

Soon the past comes to call, and Barrett's plans crumble around him. Will Charlotte and Barrett find the courage to look love in the face? Or will their fears blot out any chance for happiness?

My thoughts:

'Waiting For Spring' is Book 2 in the Westward Winds series and worth waiting for, no pun intended!
As we have learned to expect, Amanda Cabot brings us well researched history, warm romance, good solid faith whilst introducing yet another aspect of life challenges for a young widow in the 1800's Wyoming, that of caring for an handicapped child. She also balances her characters, main or sub characters, daily life routine, unexpected challenges and hardships thus giving us a great plot to enjoy. The heartfelt dedication of one mother who refuses to place her sight impaired toddler in an institution is guaranteed to reach out to anyone!

'Summer of Promise' was the first chapter in Charlotte Harding Crowley's life, then living in Fort Laramie's Army outpost ( see review here) but I can attest this second book can easily be read on its own. 
For those of us who have read however the first book, it is interesting to see where Amanda Cabot is taking her young protagonist, now a widow hiding in Cheyenne with her son from a past haunting her still.

Charlotte has established a successful seamstress shoppe and is only too happy to find a helping hand in Rose, another young widow. Rose has a young daughter and can keep an eye on David and help in the shoppe as well. 

Whilst fitting a friend and customer Charlotte meets Barrett Landry a wealthy cattle baron who aspires to  the world of politics, even becoming the next governor of Wyoming. It is soon apparent however neither one can deny their feelings for each other yet Barrett's successful future demands a wife and companion without a shady past and Charlotte is hiding from something or someone...

Then again, perhaps politics is not a guarantee of Barrett's happiness..His cattle are facing a bitter winter and his heart is not in it.
Will each of the protagonists listen to his/her heart despite the rough road ahead?

This is another historical romance you may recommend to any one, no matter the age! Amanda Cabot is certain to entertain any romantic soul or even the most skeptic of heart!

4 Stars!

About the Author:

Amanda Cabot is an accomplished author under various pen names and a popular speaker. The author of Paper Roses, Scattered Petals, Tomorrow's Garden, and Summer of Promise, she is also a charter member of Romance Writers of America, the co founder of its New Jersey chapter, a member of the ACFW, and an avid traveler.
For more on this author (including the story behind the dress shown on the cover) please visit her website (HERE).

Talented designer, Sally Clark of Sally C Designs made the dress and Amanda Cabot chose the colour!
Stunning! Who would not dream of wearing something like this at least once in their life?!

I received this book free from BAKER/REVELL as part of their blogger review program. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 'Guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I was not asked to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Lovely review. I don't read much fiction, but I'm headed for a vacation soon and collecting some titles to relax by. And yes...would love to wear this dress!

  2. Thank you Pamela! I must admit to be a tad envious...a holiday in the near future sounds lovely!
    Here is wishing it is somewhere sunny and warm,

  3. Noelle -- I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review it.

    And Pamela, I hope you enjoy the story. I've had others tell me it's good vacation reading.

    Isn't the gown gorgeous? I made a bustle gown for signings (and need to get pictures posted on my web site one of these days), but it wasn't as elaborate as the one on the cover. That's a true masterpiece.

  4. Amanda, a pleasure to see you here! I have enjoyed reading your research material as well as reading how you develop the plot lines! The dress alone would be an inspiration I am convinced! Looking forward to see those photos!
    Blessings to you,


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