22 April 2014

Experts Say We Are What We Read

If this is truly the case, what type of book are you?*

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:
'I cannot remember the books I have read anymore than the meals I have eaten. Even so, they have made me.'

I read a fair share of books and I agree their substance shaped me even when I forgot some of their titles (rated under Senior Moments).  I rarely forget a book though! Once read, I easily recognize a title once I read the synopsis.

It is believed the content you consume whilst reading says a lot about your interests and intentions. So much that if you analyze the sum of everything you read this past year, it would provide an accurate view of your priorities, concerns, and thus interests and intentions. 
Startling (not to mention scary) but perhaps accurate!

I am more inclined to read prose (novels, short stories, essays and even plays) than poetry.
I appreciate the latter though I must be in the mood, or when an author dabbles in both as Shakespeare was wont to do (The Bard felt like a good example).

Only this morning I found the above quote (great artwork too!). John Keating's thoughts on freedom are in my mind spot on! Pragmatic I might be for many things, but I admit to being also a dreamer as anyone will tell you.

To analyze what I read, the object to find out 'Whom am I?' felt like an exercise in futility in the end. There will always be new books to read, styles and subjects to explore, that's what is so wonderful about literature! 
To pinhole it seemed absurd. I prefer historical fiction to contemporary novels or autobiographies but I am certain I would appreciate more the last two if I only give it a try. 
Never say never, it might still happen!

Historical fiction based on true facts remain my favourite to date. There are enough events in our past that bears weighing and expounding upon in the written form. Sadly, history is determined to repeat itself. We Humans, fail to learn from lessons unlike our furry friends in my mind!

What do you read and what does it say about you? Neither matters much if you do not enjoy it! 

Read! Read! A few lines, a few pages somewhere, sometime, somehow and enjoy those precious moments between you and a good book! 

I think the quote above was made for me Folks!

Source* (HERE)


  1. I read my first novel book when I was nine, I can't remember what the book's name but it was blue.

    1. It must be the artist in you that remembers that Merle!
      The heaviest tome I read at age 9 was the Adventures of Marco Polo, and the first novels I read were betwixt age 7 and 8, starting with Les Malheurs de Sophie as I recall (and no,I cannot remember the cover's colour!) I do remember the only novels I chose were Russian or French and they were many of those at the library.
      All the best,

  2. I am a confirmed Mystery, Suspense, and Crime Fiction reader and also a Literary & General Fiction reader. Even my Mystery/Crime fiction I tend to read the more literary and character driven writers. Love the classics too.

    The fiction I read have been contemporary fiction for a long time. Even the Classics I read were contemporary fiction in the time they were written in, though they are historical fiction of sorts. However, I find Historical fiction growing on me lately, like this year's Mann Booker prize winner, The Luminaries.

    Don't like Sci Fi, Fantasy, or paranormal reads much though I would happily watch their movies.

    Great post, Noelle. :&)

    1. Hello Jac! (Hope all is well for you!)
      I usually find contemporary fiction a bit stale and I do not like Sci Fi, Fantasy or paranormal either. As I find History fascinating (particularly since we often repeat our mistakes!), I stick to Historical fiction based on facts (ditto for movies).
      Thanks for the pat on the back!
      All the best,

  3. Shared your great blog post, Noelle. Hope you don't mind.



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