15 April 2014

Whispers Of Spring

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

I enjoyed browsing through some lovely posts on Blogland about Spring in the last few days (trying to convince myself it really is here!)  I especially like to see the photos which gives me of course an opportunity to see something of one corner of the world or other and all from the privacy of our island home. It is grand!
No need for periodicals, I just 'travel' from the Flanders to the U.K., Holland, Greece, U.S.A, not forgetting Down Under of course! This time I lost my heart to a single article showcasing what is certain to be my favourite photos for the season!

I would call these myself (if I only had a smidgen of talent in the photographic department!)

Saying Goodbye to Wintertime!

Boy's best friend: The youngsters were photographed with rabbits, dogs, cats and ducks as they become immersed in their silent communication with the animals 

and Hello Spring!

Mrs Shumivloa said: 'As a mum of two sons, we spend a lot of time on the farm, so I often shoot my boys with dogs, rabbits and ducks'

Don't you think these are fantastic photos?

Talking to the animals: Two-year-old Vanya Shumilova locks eyes with a rabbit in this intimate photograph taken by his mother in Andreapol in Russia

Elena Shumilova is the photographer and she has a marvelous eye for details! Each photo (check below for source and additional photos!) reflects such love for her two children
Yaroslav and Vanya !

Intimate connection: These adorable photographs capture the tender moments between Vanya and his five-year-old brother Yaroslav and various animals near their home

(All photos source HERE)



  1. Hi Noelle - nice catching up with you, too! Looks like some great reading you've been up to. My book stack is too tall and bookmarks in the middle of each. I need a month to catch up!!

    These are great images you've shared here - I saw them on Facebook and enjoyed their touch of whimsy and the "other worldly" feel. Just lovely!

    Be ye blessed, milady!

  2. What beautiful photos! It's very Spring like here in the south but I know most of the country is cold tonight. I hope you have some sunshine and a blessed week my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. They are breathtaking Diane, check out the link!
      Thank you for the good wishes and may you have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Well Kathy, you will have to grab some 'me' time and find out the 'rest of the story' (make that plural). To be sure, this happened to me one or twice as well. (I always try to take a new book when we go off island as ferry lanes are long and we go for the whole day but then must go back sometime to one I started at home!)

  4. Such beautiful images, reminiscent of storybook themes. What a talented young woman. Thanks so much for introducing her to us.

    Wishing you a very Happy Easter, Noelle!


  5. Great pictures a good way to welcome your spring.


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