08 July 2014

Announcing the Winner Of Cathy Bryant's Book On Forgiveness...

The Fragrance of Crushed Violets

For readers who missed the review please see (HERE)

Thanks to the generosity of Cathy Bryant, one of LIVE AND DREAM A LITTLE DREAM will be receiving a copy of her latest book.

About Cathy

"In true Cathy Bryant fashion, this lovely lady walks side by side with you to bring you not judgement but reconciliation. Instead of fighting our way, she reminds us to place our life in His hands, allowing Him to love us. To simply trust Him, no matter what and thus find peace."

And now for the lucky winner...

Sounds like a good book. My favorite quotes were the second and last one--but also Corrie's quote (BTW, I had the wonderful experience of hearing her speak in Seattle years ago). In my personal experience with extending forgiveness to others, I have had times (twice to be exact) when I first hand experienced this quote "Forgiveness is not natural; it's supernatural". I can't elaborate on the circumstances, but it was a definite instantaneous total GIFT of grace from God that allowed me to forgive. It was as I was the conduit for His grace...hence I really like that last quote, for I believe that it why God gave me grace to forgive this individual (who does not know Christ). He was using me to show who He is ;)


I will contact you shortly to confirm your win and will give your name in the meantime to the author so that she may send you your Ebook!

A heartfelt thank you to Cathy Bryant for this opportunity and readers!


  1. Yippee! A BIG thanks to both you and the author, Cathy Bryant, for this wonderful opportunity! I will contact you today through your e-mail Noelle;)

  2. Cathy has much to share Aimee and I am happy for you!


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