31 July 2014

A Painful Encounter...

Sometime in the wee morning as I returned home from walking Mac...Some nasty yellow jacket attacked!
With Mac's allergies (we almost lost him once) I am only too happy to say I found myself the only target.
Perhaps it was the car's vibrations as my son started our SUV to go to town which threatened them but in the end it matters little. That sting was not pleasant!

You might well ask where did it came from...Well, for weeks now we have known of a nest located under the porch, well buried in the ground betwixt two pylons and we have yet to figure out how to reach it. It seems the only way will be to remove part of the porch...Sigh...

We love the wildlife and feed one and all but this is one of God's creatures I wish to be gone as soon as possible.

At least our favourite pup is fine albeit my scream and stomping might well have take a toll on his nerves!
Never mind the fact I was so loud ex-RAF flyboy jumped out of bed faster than I have seen him doing in quite awhile...Still springy for 75!

A bit of research led me to find out it is always best to treat a yellowjacket nest at night (45 minutes after sunset or later) when most of the workers are back in the nest. "Just know that if you treat during the day many of the workers, perhaps as many as 60 or 80 percent, may be out of the nest during your treatment. On occasion, workers and brood in a treated nest will survive and the nest will reactivate in a couple of days..."

Big sigh...

The only way out of the house is through the porch...I wonder how long Mac can wait before he has to go out again...

 photo ed0f8156-8603-4d8e-bee8-b1f523aea315.jpg

Pleaaaase Mum! Not too long I hope...


  1. Nasty! Poor you, but lucky that Mac didn't get stung as well. It sounds a nuisance to have them right there under the porch, hope you manage to get the nest sorted quickly. We had one a few years back and tackled it in the evening too, by spraying with wasp killer first to dope them and then spraying in the special foam quickly to kill the nest.
    Good luck Noelle!
    Gill xx

    1. Thanks Gillian, I think I'll show your suggestion to hubby!

  2. Hello Noelle, I just popped over to say thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I will return to read some of your older posts I'm sure.
    Thank you again and hope the wasp situation improves very soon! Xxx

    1. Very nice to see you here Lyn! I passed along your blog link to friends and family whom I am certain will enjoy your photos!
      A late night (well staged) attack on their nest might just prove to yield the results we hope! A really painful experience, trust me!

  3. I'm so sorry to read about your problem with yellow-jackets (wasps). This is the second such stories I've read today. Here's the other tragic story: http://ramblingfollower.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/when-words-fail-pray-for-sarah-harkins.html

    I pray that you and yours are soon well again. God bless.

    1. Oh Victor, what a sad story! Thank you for sharing (and I already stopped by Rambling Follower to read more about it).
      I was only stung once and hubby dispatched both the culprit and the hive to *&*! A painful experience but no allergic reaction and better me than the Corgi who wouldn't have fared as well (his immune system is still low since the Wold spider incident).
      Praying for this family,

  4. That yellow jacket looks very interesting, doesn't it, Noelle? Poor Mac, he wants to go outside and play. I got stung by a bee when I was a little girl, and it really affected me. I think I am allergic to them. I hope the yellow jackets don't bother Mac. He's such a cutie.

    Thank you for your words today on Jess' Master degree. It was an exciting day for us all.


    1. I am happy to say Sheri a late night attack performed by son and hubby proved to be a success and the hive under the porch is no longer. We are extra careful with Mac I assure you. The one sting was painful enough!
      Jess have every right to be proud: A Master is quite a feat!
      All the best,


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