24 July 2014

It's Not The Size Which Matters...

Piglet noticed that even he has a Very Small Heart, it could                             hold a rather large amount of Gratitude!

~A. A. Milne~

So very glad to see the rain...Wild land fires have left many homeless and so much wildlife displaced!


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    1. I admit I am rather fond of bears myself, Paddington being my favourite but I love the quotes of A. A. Milne!

  2. Hi Noelle,
    Love the Pooh picture and quote today. It sprinkled here a few days ago, but now it is sunny again and going to be very hot this weekend. I'm glad it rained in your area. The rain cleans everything out.

    Have a peaceful weekend.


    1. Rain is a blessing Sheri but when it is accompanied by lightning, it brings fires such as we have never seen here. There are more than 300 homes destroyed in the valley and livestock has taken a toll!
      Our mountain cabin is way up the mountain and we can only pray and hope.
      Blessings to you and yours,

  3. I am really sorry to hear about your cabin being in possible danger and all of the loss so far. I was overjoyed to see the rain as we are already so dry here and conditions are much worse east of us. I will be SO relieved when this fire season is over--hate it.
    Hate the wildfires, but LOVE the Pooh!
    PS: Taking a blog break so it might be a bit before you hear from me.

    1. Thanks Aimee! The losses so far are staggering. We are keeping in touch with our neighbours and pray the wildland fire season will soon be over (August is usually the worst!).
      Enjoy your break,

  4. Praying also for that season to be over. Have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. "This too shall pass" I am telling myself Kayla but at what cost to people and livestock!
      Thanks for stopping by,


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