05 July 2014

Far From The Mad Mad World...

I'll admit we like a quiet life be it on the island or in the mountains. It came as a surprise therefore when we read the following in our island newsletter:

"Hello? This is a private island! We received a request from a Combat Controller at ---- AFB that they be allowed to conduct an exercise which could have included clandestine troops landing on the island and meeting up with a second group, during the night. We declined. 

Also we received a request from a geocacher that his group be allowed to plant a geocache on Herron Island, even though they are not members…..we declined. 

Last year it was a group of kayakers who wanted to make a rest stop at North Beach. We declined."

It seems that our private island is getting perhaps a bit crowded...Maybe it is a sign to make up our mind and definitively move to the cabin...(wilderness only, 1/4 mile away from the National forest and 2 1/4 miles away from the best fishing lake in the state).

Here in our garden we take refuge when the island gets (much too) busy...

One of the highest points of the island, this refuge is open to one and all...

Including Corgis intended to play Frisbee...

"One photo if you absolutely must! Then PLEAAAASE throw the Frisbee!"

The whole family came to say hello this morning...

Peace and quiet...They hide away from noises placing their trust in us...


  1. It is always a joy reading your comments on my blog, thank you for taking the time to visit.

    Living in a place which attracts tourists can sap one's energy. But, oh my! Your garden, graced with corgis and deer, is a little haven of peace!

    Enjoy your summer dear friend!


    1. Thank you Stephanie and I like the way you put it!
      All the best,

  2. The deer obviously know that they are on to a safe thing by living on the quiet island. Sometimes things need protecting, you let one thing happen and then many more and after a while you are swamped. Have a wonderful weekend x

    1. We see on occasion the deer swimming across to the mainland and can only guess that there is a time when enough is enough.
      We are relieved when the season is over and guests (tourists) go home...and we don;t have to wait for hours for our 12 car ferry (shuttles are never enjoyable...forget about bringing back ice cream!)
      Happy Summer and looking forward to see more photos on your blog (always a treat!),

  3. Loved your photos today! You definitely live in paradise now--although the cabin sounds fabulous too. Perhaps someday you should write a book...

    1. You are too nice Aimee! I marvel at some of the shots bloggers post but I am all thumbs!
      They say everyone has at least one book in themselves. I know deep down I do not have the skills Dear, I am still learning English!
      I love to read comments from kindred spirits, yours always bring a smile!

  4. Oh those eyes of the deer ... and your sweet gorgis as well :)
    Your photos tell me that you've had a lovely weekend!

  5. I can't believe the weekend is already over Nina! It goes so fast!
    All the best,

  6. What a wonderful place to live. I wish you happiness and peace.

    You have an Award on my Blog.

    God bless.


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