01 January 2010

2010 Dreams

As I child I was often criticized for being a dreamer and if often caused me to being in trouble. So when I contemplated a name for my blog, it seemed natural to choose this title (also based on my favourite song). Starting a blog at age 55 might seem a tad odd to young people whom I understand have numerous blogs (however do they keep track of what is what and manage the time to work on these?).

I am a lucky homemaker who retired from the workforce 3 years ago to be at home. That said please do not think I stopped working. Phew! I am however reminding myself daily how lucky I am not to have to say "yes Sir, yes Mam". As for time management, well, I am still working on that but I am trying!

I have 3 majors interests: Cooking, (and no, cleaning and waxing DO NOT come after that), knitting and my first love, reading! I said major because I am easily interested in most things but this does not mean I stick with it being a dreamer...

Therefore I will be posting much of my dreams and the many subjects and ideas I will find interesting along the way!

This blog will reflect most of all my love for my little family: I have a very understanding husband, 2 grown ups children whom I am proud of and a wonderful Corgi, my great love!

I like to volunteer and I will share some of my work here and post some photos. I might even share some of my cooking skills and recipes and I will always be more than willing to share with you my latest book!

Blessings on all for 2010!

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