30 January 2010

Living today and dreaming of tomorrow

Yesterday I send for my passport renewal and I must admit to be cutting it short: 7 weeks to departure! Let's just say "one day at a time" seems to be my motto these days and it appears it is not always practical!

I decided to shake myself up somehow and do something productive. I always seem to feel better after a throughout cleaning of the house and however small the change such as tossing things I have no use for (here the motto is "if it is not an heirloom or used once a year it goes!") it makes me feel better. Thus I went through the kitchen, the storage room etc...

My wardrobe was next: out to Goodwill it went (3 bags to be exact) and again I felt such a relief! I just know someone will have better use for these items than I will! It is amazing what one collects along the way and how little use it seems to be in the long run!

Since we are planning our overseas trip I reminded my husband of our hope to make it to Jerusalem one day. When we travel it is of course to visit family first of all. Now I must admit we do not have this excuse in regard to Jerusalem (I would be there yearly for sure!) but we have often spoken of just having the chance to be there once in our life, to feel and experience first hand where IT all begin.

Photobucket Photobucket

Thus I live today but always dream of tomorrow....

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