24 January 2010

Dreams are not everything

I often hope for things that cannot be and set myself up for disappointment. Perhaps it is just in the human nature after all.

I would like to believe I am able to face ups and downs but perhaps age is catching up with me. This was a week for hard truths and rude awakening. I am nothing but human and God willing, I can find the patience to weather the storms.

I try counting my blessings and I find myself lucky compare to many. My daughter taught me many things this week (again) and I realized I must have done something good sometime, somehow because in my saddest moments she told me "it's okay Mum, I am here for you!" She then proved it by actions not just words which is just what I needed.
Thus surrounded by family and friends alike I promised myself to keep trying at being a better person.

I visited a different church with a special friend this week and met with members of a Relief Society. Young and old alike worked together to make beautiful quilts and baby items to be send to their distribution center. We shared a potluck and listen to old time hymns sang by Missionaries and I found some measure of peace.

News from an old friend added to my contentment. I am lucky, so lucky!

I am still dreaming though...

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