15 January 2010

Land of Dreams and Second Chance - Until We Reach Home

Until we reach home is the title of the book a friend loaned me recently and I am hooked! Written by Lynn Austin it tells the story of 3 sisters living in Sweden. After the death of their parents they determine to journey to America, the land of dreams and second chances.

The harsh reality of crossing an ocean in steerage, their arrival at Ellis Island immigration center and their many tribulation in Chicago in 1897 test their love for each other and their faith in God. Lynn Austin storytelling is compelling and I must admit I had a hard time putting the book down each night.
She tells of a way to communicate between two total strangers stranded on Ellis Island who could not speak in each other language yet share their trust in God.
Lynn Austin makes a believer out of you! I never thought of it yet it is so simple!
Her research into the fate of immigrants reaching Ellis Island and subsequent arrival in America allows us to feel every step of the way for these people who left everything behind in hopes to find a better life.
In reading the book, you will find that Elin, Kristen and Sophia after crossing a seemingly endless ocean in search of a home also find love, faith and a brighter future.

If you wish to read an excerpt of the book I recommend checking
www.lynnaustin.org and perhaps sign up as I did for Lynn's Behind the Scenes newsletter. Hidden Places (also a movie in the Hallmark series) is next on my list of books to read!

I received no compensation for this post. I just enjoyed this book!

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